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Halloween Special

AN-insidenews-event-General-NEW-EVENT-Jan-2017 Greetings Shinobies

We’re going to held a special events for Halloween!! The Trick or Treat is community event. Everyone can participate for fun and rewards. As for those wish top up, additional bonus are available on Halloween Sale!! Now Here are the events details!!

  • Like & Share the Halloween Wallpost
  • Choose a number from the following = 13, 8, 18, 7, 11, 10, 31, 20
  • Amongst those number there is 1 ‘Trick‘ while others are ‘Treats’
  • The possible rewards are 100 or 300 or 500 or jackpot 700 Coupons
  • Maximum winners for each amount are 15 Players chosen randomly
  • Comment the number you choose on comment section of this wallpost
  • When commenting, don’t forget to include your character name + server and hashtag #trickortreat #AnimeNinja #AN #WebBasedGame #FreetoPlay #F2P #Ninja #Shinobi
  • Top up the following amount to receive reward
  • Event period is 31 October 10.00 until 2 November 23.59 (GMT+8/game time)
  • Reward will be sent after player made confirmation when winner list announced. Players can only get item ONCE 

Top Up 500 Gold

Jade Box Lv 5 x4,Jade box Lv 6 x2, Jade Box Lv 7 & Socket Jade x2

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170912161340Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170912161428lv 5 jade boxUnnamed QQ Screenshot20171013173435

Top Up 250 Gold

Adv Potency Pill x50, Big Potency Pill x25, Super Potency Pill x20, Potency Gift Pack

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170407162732Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170904164917Unnamed QQ Screenshot20161125181759Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170303170720

Top Up Above above 750 Gold will get both the reward!!