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[Event] Halloween Special


Event name:Halloween Arrives

Event Time: Oct.30 00:01—Nov.823:59

Event Server:All server

Event Rule:

1. Log in to receive a login pack daily. The login pack can only be claimed once daily. Login packs are reset at 00:00 daily.

2. Top up 800 Gold to claim a top-up pack. The top-up pack can only be claimed once daily. Top-up packs are reset at 00:00 daily.

3. Buy all the Lucky Eggs (up to 10 Lucky Eggs daily) to claim a Lucky Egg pack daily. The Lucky Egg pack can only be claimed once daily. Lucky egg packs are reset at 00:00 daily.

4. During the event, cumulatively top up the required amount of Gold to receive Energy Spars. Rewards of each bracket can only be claimed once.

5. Consume every 1,000 Gold in event-Halloween Arrives to obtain a consumption pack. Claim the consumption packs to receive 0~10 Scary Pumpkins


    • Players who received lots of Energy Spars or Scary Pumpkins from the Smash Eggs and Consumption Gifts features have a chance to display their rewards in the Lucky Players panel.
    • Rewards from the Smash Eggs and Consumption Gifts features are random. Good luck!

6. Use Energy Spars to summon Attribute Scrolls used to attack monsters in the Mystic Garden. Kill monsters to receive Scary Pumpkins. Another monster is refreshed automatically once one monster is killed.(Spar is insufficient energy available gold complement, 100 gold = 1 energy spar).

7. Players can spend 1,000 Gold to strike 10 times in a row. Monsters will be refreshed automatically till 10 hit combos are used up.

8. Kill the required number of monsters to claim the corresponding rewards.

9. Added two features, Gold Refresh and Silver Refresh which are used to refresh monsters. Refresh with Gold to get rare monsters easily. Monsters’ remaining HP will be reset once they are refreshed.

10.Scary Pumpkins can be redeemed for various kinds of items including the new ninja Ōtsutsuki Hamura in the Halloween Shop.


  • All Scary Pumpkins that haven’t been used up will be cleared after the event. Please redeem in time!

11. Collect Scary Pumpkins to join the Exorcism Ranking. Rare pets and luxury gift packs are waiting for you!


  • The Exorcism Ranking records a player’s highest number of Scary Pumpkins. In the Halloween Shop, using Scary Pumpkins to redeem for items won’t have an effect on the highest number of Scary Pumpkins