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Halloween Nintober !!

reetings Shinobies !!!

Trick or Treat !!!  Halloween is near, as we aware to celebrate it we brought many special Halloween event for all of you Shinobi on Anime Ninja !! We provide so many good items as a presents for you if you lucky enough to win this event.


On the time of event you need to top up at least 100 Gold to the game , and you will have chance to win this events !! The more you top up, you will got more bigger chance to win this event. We will choose 10 Lucky winner for this hallowen event.


28 Oct 2015 – 31 Oct 2015 (server time)


1x Jade Lv. 9 (can choose, except fury jade) , 50x Super Potency Pill, 50x Special Exp Scroll, 50x Fairy

Note : ITem will be send at least 2 weeks after announcement and the winner have valid confirmation

What are you waiting for ?? don’t miss this special chance to get many special halloween rewards. Only on Anime Ninja !! The #1 Ninja Game Worldwide !!