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[Event] Show Your Formation



Name Event :Show your Teamwork !

Duration : 9th May 2015 – 16th May 2015

Terms :

  1. Player need to make guide about their formation in game and they need to describe it, example

I called my team double sasuke attack, I use 2 sasuke in team, Cursed Seal Sasuke and Black Coat Sasuke, there is also Naruto and Karin for support, I can defeat all player in the area with the same level or event 10 level above !!

I think the best part of my team is my support Karin, because of her we can win easily on the Arena, he can stunt target and we can free to attack them. So we suggesting you to use this formation, it’s good to PVP for level 60-70. But I not recommend you to use this for PVE, coz we still lack of DPS….etc

  1. Player also need to modify their guide to look more interesting, add pics, different color of text, etc
  2. We will choose 5 players who have the best and interesting guide
  3. The event will be held on FORUM ( http://forum.playwebgame.com/en/showthread.php?25548-Event-Show-Your-Teamwork )

Reward :

Coupon x 2000
Gold Soul x 1000
Lv.10 Silver Card x 30