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[Event] My Ninja Way

Greetings Shinobies

To celebrate our new servers within Septembers, we’re gonna do an event for those in new servers. The rules are as the following:

> Player must make 1 picture from their adventure in anime ninja, in other word, screenshots compilation in 1 picture. The picture must contain screenshots of your character.
> Only characters from S 158 Suiton, S 159 Onmyoton and 2 other new servers (yes, there will be 2 more servers this month) are eligible for rewards. Rewards will be sent via in game mail in 3 days after the event end.
> 1 IGN can only send 1 image, should you send more than one, the earliest image sent will be used.
> There will be 3 winners from each servers
> Photoshops and other image editing program are allowed.
> Event end at 31st September 2015 23.59 GMT+8 (you can use server time to check it). To help players with the timezone difference please use this link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
> Submition of image are sent via email to myninjaway@playwebgame.com. Don’t forget to write your IGN and server on the mail.
> we will upload the image as soon as possible to a specialized album on the fanpage.