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July Stairway to Glory


Greetings Shinobies!

Stairway to Glory event is back once again. a variety of cool prizes have been prepared : Super Potency Pill * 5, Leap Rune Stone * 100, Luna Jewellery * 30 and S Weapon Box X*1! Are you waiting for? follow eventnya now!!!

So how to do it?! Simple, here’s the how-to and the rewards

  1. Event will run from 25th July 2016 00.00 GMT+8/Game Time - 27th July 2016 23.59 GMT+8/Game Time.
  2. Rewards are LIMITED. First come first serve. So don’t be late!
  3. The amount are cumulative, so you can take time to reach the required amount.
  4. The rewards will be sent after the event end. Rewards will be sent to email registered for your id. So make sure it’s active!
  5. Rewards will be sent through registered mail of your account so make sure your email is active!

Top Up 500 Gold
Epic EXP Scroll*20

epic exp scroll


Super Potency Pill*5




Top Up 1000 Gold
Leap Rune Stone*100



Top Up 5000 Gold
Luna Jewellery*30


Top Up 15000 Gold
S Weapon Box X*1


So don’t miss this chance to get powerful gear to crush your opponent!!