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Event Bug Finding


17 September –19 September 2013

Hi Shinobi!

In the event of Anime Ninja launching, we’re having lots of fun and are giving out awesome prizes in Bug Finding Event.

During Anime Ninja Close Beta Test, Hokage asked all shinobis to help him collect all the “Bug” that spreads across the Village of Konoha. All Shinobi that have collected the “Bugs” can report it to the Hokage. Best “Bugs” finder will get a reward from the Hokage.

  1. Players collect the Bug that they have find on Anime Ninja
  2. Players have to report all the bugs to the Gamemaster via email gamemasterninja@prodigy.co.id
  3. Gamemaster will pick the winner based on the Information given in the Bug Reports. Such as Screenshots, Steps, and other detailed information will give players extra points.
  4. All winners must send a confirmation message on our fanpage with this format detail*Subject: Winner of Bug Finding Event


    *ID Prodigy:



Don’t miss it, Shinobi! Because 10 players are able to get 200 Gold. All prize will be send to you during OBT period. So, prove to the whole village that you are the one who worth to get the prize!!