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Enjoy The Welfare

Dear Shinobi

To thank our shinobies for their long time support and love,  Anime Ninja has officially launched “Enjoy The Welfare”.

Go check em out! 

Event 1:Blackmarket Shop
Duration: 2014/8/9  00:01 – 2014/8/13  23:59
Range: All Servers
1. During the event, you can buy valuable items and ninjas in the Blackmarket Shop.
2. Click Refresh to update available items.Each refresh cost 20 gold , there is a chance to get hot items.
3.Gold spent for buying or refreshing items in the Blackmarket Shop can be converted to Blackmarket Points(1 Gold=1 Blackmarket Point). A prize can be obtained by reaching required number of Blackmarket Points.
4. Coupons cannot be used.
5. Obtained ninja and Spiritual Beast cannot be bought again.
6. Some hot sale items can be bought only once

Event 2: Top Up and Win 10% Bonus Gold
Duration: 2014/8/9  00:01 – 2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
Description:Top up during the events gain 10% rebate.
1.Single Top up any amount during the event will gain 10% bonus, repeatedly Top Up will gain bonus repeatedly.
2. The bonus do not count into VIP accumulative gold.
3. This event doesn`t overlap with new server first-time top up event,which means you can obtain bonus for both events if you meet the requirement.

Example: If you top up 2000 gold for the first time in the newly opened server, your bonus will be 200 gold (the 10% bonus for your first-time top-up)+200 gold(the 10% bonus for this event), and you will get 2400 gold in total.
Rewards: Bonus gold will be sent to your mailbox after you top-up.


Event 3:Frog Wallet “Lucky Cat”(Anime Ninja)
Duration:2014/8/9  00:01—2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
Description:Players top up until a certain amount during event period, can activate the corresponding lucky cat. Obtain massive gold reward and rare game items from lucky cat.

1. Single top up reaches 1000 gold can activate small lucky cat, single top up reach 2500 gold can activate lucky cat, single top up reach 5000 gold can activate big lucky cat.
2. Each lucky cat can only be activated 1 times.
3. Single top up reach 15000 gold and above can success activate 3 lucky cats at the same time.
4. After successfully activate lucky cat can obtain return gold from lucky cat and item reward, everyday can only receive each lucky cat 1 times, can continuously to receive for 5 days.
5. After success activate lucky cat receiving time can be extended for 5 days, ensure that players can receive all the rewards.
6. Additional Gold does not included in the VIP experience and other events. 

Event 4: Juubi’s Present
Duration2014/8/9 00:01—2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
1. All of the recharge during the event will be counted into this event.
2. Event breaks into 10 levels.Each level needs to be activating by cumulative recharge. 3. When accumulative recharge meet the requirement,the free claim permission and the pack purchase permission will be activated.
4.Each level of free gift will only be able to be activated once.

Event 5:Happy Scratch
Duration:2014/8/9  00:01—2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
1. 10 gold=1 scratch point. You can claim 50 scratch points every day.
2. Top up cumulatively can receive scratch bonus
3. Start Happy Scratch will cost scratch points.
4. Rewards will be sent into your bag directly.

Event 6:10-tails arrives
Duration:2014/8/9  00:01-2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
1. Every 1 gold or coupon that spent during the event will gain the 1 beast spirit.
2. Player will get the corresponding coupon as long as they collect a beast(reset everyday)
3. The collected beast spirit will change into Juubi spirit automatically.
4. The Jubbi’s Box will be lighted automatically when the Jubbi’s Spirit meet the requirements.
5. Player can receive the Box manually when the Jubbi’s Box is lighted.

Event 7:VIP Pack
Duration:2014/8/9  00:01—2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers

During the event,VIP level≥4 players can buy the VIP pack via using Gold or Coupon,then players can get lots of items ,including some rarely items.

Event 8:Superb Prizes for Single Top-Up
Duration:2014/8/9  00:01—2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
Description:Top up during the event to win bonus gold as well as more rewards!
1. Top up in one attempt as required to get reward.
2. You can`t get rewards set for other amount of top-up.
3. You will get rewards repeatedly if you top up multiple times;
4. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards intime.

Rewards will be sent instantly after you top up.

Event 9:Top Up to Win Advanced Items
Duration:2014/8/9  00:01—2014/8/13 23:59
Range:All Servers
Description:During the event, top up to win gold bonus and premium gifts if your total amount of top-up reaches the requirement.

1. Rewards can be stacked. Example: Player A top up 400 gold, and can get a gift pack for topping up 400 gold*1, then A top up 800 more gold and can get gift pack for topping up 800 gold*1, so A get a gift pack for topping up a total of 1200 gold*1.
2. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards intime.
Rewards are sent instantly after you top up.