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[Article] Akatsuki History


Akatsuki well know as the group of most wanted S-rank criminal in naruto series, who is very cruel and has a above average ability.

Akatsuki was formed by Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan. They raise this group during all their life. The meet between them and jiraiya make Yahiko wants to make ninja world more peacefully, Nagato and Konan gives a good respon on yahiko will, he three also created Akatsuki as a way to bring peace to their home country of Amegakure, which too often got caught in the crossfire of the Five Great Shinobi Countries’ many conflicts.

With a strong will, they gather few members from Amegakure. As time goes by, their group starting to growing and Yahiko as a leader decided to use “Akatsuki” as the name of their group, with a goal to make ninja world more peaceful


During the ninja world war 3, akatsuki gained more popularity, akatsuki starting to get famous in a few area include amegakure, nagato rinnengan, yahiko leadership and konan paper ninjutsu make akatsuki more stronger and growing.

During yahiko leadership on Akatsuki, their intended to make ninja world more peaceful, create peace in amegakure and love each other.


With a intention to stop war and create a peace on amegakure, amegakure leader, Hanzou, think akatsuki would be treat on him ,he feared that his position will be replaced. Hanzo  with Danzo help, trying to kil Yahiko with a retribution that he will help danzo to be Hokage. When they are ambushed by hanzo men and danzo root, Yahiko sacrifies his life to help Konan who is on hostage. Then, all the akatsuki members from Amegakure was killed by Obito, Nagato feels hatred on his friends death. Konan who in love with yahiko had to let Yahiko gone.

From that event, Nagato replaced Yahiko position as leader. From this point, tobi started to incite Nagato to change akatsuki to the new akatsuki aim to gather 9-Bijuu to make ninja world to be absolute in peace as tobi plan.