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Anime Ninja – Gift of Snow 11th – 15th Jan 2014


Christmast has passed but the snow still fallen because its WINTER TIME!!!


Yay…!!, we love winter!!!

Snow falling to land and bring many happyness and memories.

In Anime Ninja World, Konoha Village – Snow bring a lot of present to shinobies.

Start from 11th January 2014 ( 00:00 GMT +8 ) until 15th January 2014 ( 23:59 GMT+8 ) event Gift of Snow will be held, all shinobies are invited to join the event.


To all Shinobies in Anime Ninja, starting from 11th January until 15th January 2014, you can get 10% Gold Bonus by Recharging any amount of Gold! Each time you recharge your gold, Bonus Gold will be sent through your In Game Mail. Careful, mail expires in 15 Days.

During “Winter Konoha” Event, up until 15th January 2014, you will get not just gold by recharging, but also tons of Superb Items to help you defeat your rivals in Anime Ninja world, such as Jade Boxes, Exp Scrolls, Channeling Scrolls, Common Material Chests, Silver Cards and Treasure Talismans, the greater the amount of Single Recharge, the greater the amount of these items you will get. this only works for Single Recharge, which means you cant get rewards for 500 – 999 Gold if you recharge 250 Gold.

Still not satisfied with the Superb Single Top Up Rewards? Don’t worry Shinobies, you can get more rewards through this event. You only need to Recharge any amount of gold, the amount of gold that you have recharged will be accumulated and you will get rewards based on the accumulated amount of gold that you have recharged.

For Example, if you aim to get Rewards for 5000 Gold Accumulative Rewards, you can get it by recharging 2 times 2500 Gold, 5 times 1000 Gold, and so on, easy, isn’t it? And the rewards for you Shinobies will be Common Material Chests, Epic Material Chests, Silver Cards, Channeling Scrolls, Treasure Talismans, S Weapon Enhance Talismans, and Socket Jade,

These rewards will be very useful to beat your Rivals in Anime Ninja. With these rewards, you are unstoppable!

The Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, decided to invite you into her office to play Tsunade’s Dice. She challenged you to win 100 times in a row against her, if you can beat her challenge, you will get tons of rare and powerful items, such as Treasure Talismans, Channelling Scrolls, Perfect Force-Chakra-Speed-Power Fruit, Fury Jade and S Weapon Box Level 6. Be cautious as Tsunade are a very tricky and clever person,

but don’t worry as she will still give you rewards each time you get 10 Streaks, 20 Streaks, 30 Streaks and so on, from these rewards you can also get up to level 8 Jade Boxes. What are you waiting for? Visit her office, challenge her, and claim your rewards!

Tsunade Dice Rules:

1. This is the first tricky part, you may think that you have to guess if the dices on the right are bigger or smaller from the dices on the left, then you are wrong and you will lose the entire game against Tsunade, in this Dice game, you have to guess if the dices on the left are bigger or smaller than the dices on the right.

2. If your guess is correct, you will get 1 streak point, but if you lose, your streak point will reset to 0.

3. There is a way for you to keep playing without losing your streak, it is pretty simple, you only need to use your “Fault Tolerance” and Tsunade will tolerate your mistake, with this, you can reach 100 Streak easily!

Juubi and the 9 Bijuu has arrived, all the tail beasts gathered to give you presents! The 9 Bijuus would like to offer you coupons as rewards and the Juubi would like to offer you items as rewards. All you need to do is just to collect souls, you can get the soul by spending your gold, you will get 1 soul per 1 gold.

Next is the Legendary Ten Tailed Beast, Shinju, as we all know, Shinju claimed to be the most powerful of all tailed beast, with this much power that he has, he can provide shinobies that helped him collect sols with rare items. But Shinju also like to play fair, so you still only need to spend 1 Gold to get 1 Soul, same like the other tailed beasts.

Below, is the list of coupons that you will get and how much souls you need to collect


Come join now and get your bonuses!