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Guardian Wing Event – Anime Ninja

Cupid: Venus and Mars son, people imagine him as a handsome young man who is coming into youth. His commonly used weapon is arrow and his shot don’t have any deviation. The one who got shot will suffer a feeling which called love. Even Cupid himself cannot stand this magic power. therefore, Love is interpreted as the most terrible and powerful force of nature. Cupid has been hailed as a symbol of love, once his arrow insert into young men and women’ heart, they will fall in love forever.

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  • Let your heart rate Right Right Touch, romantic game narrowing the distance to each other! ( On February 20 open )

  • The inspirational biggest Valentine secrets is about to be gorgeously uncover ( February 25 to open )

4th series Volentine’s Day events—- Fetters of love is ongoing, do not miss the wonderful events.

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