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Konoha Village Bloom Event


The largest Annual Event in Konoha Village! New Year’s Festival will begin soon, all Shinobies of Konoha are invited to the Grand New Year’s Garden Party. In the Garden Party, there are many exciting and fun activities for everyone to participate. Come join now in Konoha Village New Year Party and claim the massive gifts!!

  • Konoha Village New Year Party has begun,you will get free gift pack if you log in during the party on 21st January 2014 !
  • Catch goldfish? Gain gold!There will be a lot of free items giveaway! Coming Soon 26th January 2014
  • Drum Master? Show your drum skill,who will be the Top ninja in the Ninja World! Coming Soon 31st January 2014
  • Mysterious Mask? Lead you to search for the legendary treasure for Ninja World! Coming Soon 5th February 2014


New Year’s Garden Party launched at the first wave of events, do not miss the wonderful contents ~


First Event: Light Up New Year Fireworks

Welcome to the Light Up New Year Fireworks Event, in this event, you Shinobies from all servers will get gifts when logging in into Anime Ninja, Event will automatically calculate and accumulate your login count, if you fail to login, the login count will reset to 1. The Event will start on 21st of January 2014 and will end on 9th February 2014, don’t miss out !!

Second Event: 10% Top Up Bonus

During the Event, all shinobies that do single recharge will get 10% Gold Bonus, Gold Bonus does not increase your VIP Level.

Example: If you recharge 500 Gold, you will get 50 Gold from First Top up Bonus and 50 Gold from Event, so in total, you will get 600 Gold. But on the next Single Recharge, if you recharge 500 Gold, you will get 50 Gold from Event, so it will be 550 in total.

Top Up Bonus will be sent automatically to your ingame mail, please pay attention to check your mail as it will expire in 15 Days.

Third Event:  Gifts from Juubi

The Tailed Beast has arrived, as we have noticed before, the Tailed Beast are here to help us by giving us rewards for daily consumptions you made.

You will get 1 Soul for each Gold consumed. Each Tailed Beast provides you with different requirements and rewards. The Tailed Beast will leave on 25th of January, go now!!

Event Four: Single Recharge Rewards

During the Event, Single Recharging will give you rewards based on the requirements specified in the Event. Single Recharge Event can be repeated to obtain rewards such as Jade Boxes, S Weapon Talismans, Silver Cards, EXP Scrolls , Channeling Scrolls and also Treasure Talismans. Rewards will be sent through in-game mail, dont forget to claim it

Event Five: Great Accumulative Recharge Rewards

Hi Shinobies, as always, the Hokage will try to satisfy you by giving you more rewards by recharging, the amount of recharge will be accumulated each time you top up during the event, you can Recharge any amount of gold and it will be accumulated, accumulated recharge points that met the required gold amount will give you rewards such as Gold Souls, Material Chests, S Weapon Talismans, Exp Scrolls, Channeling Scrolls and Treasure Talismans, rewards will be sent through in game mail

These Events were made to express our appreciation and gratitude of your continuous and never ending support and love for “Anime Ninja”, we will always strive to provide you with more interesting events and contents, we will also fix existing problems that have and may occurs and we will fight together to create the most authentic Naruto World in Anime Ninja!